I don't have the sticker, but I want to get involved! Where can I get the sticker

You can purchase the sticker from our sister site WoodyGuthrie.org.

What are you gonna do with all the pictures you collect

A book! Once I feel I have enough photos, I plan on curating a coffee table book. Using the wonderful art submitted as its content. I'd then like to of course put the entire project into a gallery.

My picture in the gallery looks kinda crummy, but I uploaded a high res image! What have you done to my art!

Have no fear, all submissions are captured at the quality they are submitted. I make low res versions of the submissions to make it easier on load times. Your art is safe with me.

Special thanks to:

Woody Guthrie Publications/Foundations, Scott and Anna Canoni, Nora Guthrie, Thomas Gilner, Jenny Gnrike, Grace LaRosa and to all the artists who submitted to the project.